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Saturday, March 19, 2016

My main knowledge is pre 1990's. I know a lot about carbureted engines. Small blocks, big blocks, and muscle cars are what I could talk all day about. I'm getting to the point in my blogs where I'm getting close to fuel injection which I am not as factually inclined with but I'm still good for now seeing as how I'm still in 80's model cars. 85 was a popular year for the Monte Carlo. Made by gm, "Monte's" we small block motors with the options of 6 cylinders. All Monte Carlos ever made were automatic out of the factory. Some Monte Carlos even offered seats that turned so when getting out of the car it was easier to exit the vehicle. 85 was a popular year because it still offered the same snoopy design that muscle cars were known for. Easy to tub and use for drag cars. Still being carbureted they were easy to work on and not extremely heavy so they were still pretty snippy.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The mid 80's were the year of the Delorean. Said to be the worst car ever made still wound up being in all of the Back to the Future movies. In 2007 just 6500 of the 81-83 model DMC-12 Delorean were said to still exist. The car was intended to have a Wankle Rotary Engine but ended up with a 6 cylinder. Hatch back and suicide wing doors were two things that were wanted, but didnt work out very well due to leakage of water as well as air. The 6 cylinders were unreliable and nobody seemed to be happy with them. The only reason that they are as well known as they are today is because of Back to the Future where the car is a time machine. For 70k one can buy a perfect replica of the car from the movie, even so, it will still be junk.