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Monday, April 11, 2016

LS motors have been the trademark of general motors since 1997. They are based after the small block concept of Ed Cole of 1954-1955. LS has been the the power plant of Corvette since 1956 to present. Although small block parts and LS parts do not always match up, due to fuel injection, the motors are based off of the same common small block idea. Advancing in horesepower throughout all LS motors, the newest LS was close to 480hp and close to 500 foot pounds of torque. These are in the newest corvettes and are designed after the original big block 454. High horsepower is hard to control with cares that have the cabability of twisting. The problem in the 70's was that a lot of people were literally twisting their cars in half with 400-450hp. Thank god 600hp LS motors weren't available or everyone and their brother would have been ripping their cars in half after having the wise idea of putting high end parts on their motor.

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